PS5 Might Not Release Holiday 2020 in South East Asian Countries

All Mentions of “Holiday 2020” Mysteriously Removed From All Promotional Material

On PlayStation 5’s official site for many South East Asian countries had any references to Holiday 2020 removed. Although this isn’t a guarantee that PS5 won’t release in time for these countries, the extra effort to scrub all mention of it in from the site does not bode well.

The nations that we can confirm to be affected by this erasure are Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, and Vietnam. This can be confirmed by using theĀ Wayback Machine to check the difference in the sites from their past versions.

This might simply be that Sony is not confident in delivering the product in time for these regions, and might still try their best to get it there by the holidays. Or perhaps this was just a simple misunderstanding and we might be overthinking this whole thing. Stay tuned to COG Connected for further updates!