Real-Time Strategy is Back with Partisans: 1941 Released Today

Against All Odds

The real-time strategy genre is enjoying something of a comeback, with remasters of classics like Age of Empires 3 hitting the shelves, and new Total War releases carrying the torch. Developer Alter Games and Publisher Daedelic Entertainment today release a brand new IP for armchair generals to master – Partisans: 1941.

Partisans 1941

As the name suggests, Partisans: 1941 is set during World War 2, specifically the Nazi occupation of the Eastern Front. Players will take on the role of commander, leading a small squad of rebel fighters carrying out guerrilla style attacks on the Nazi war machine as it rolls through Russian territory. Inspired by the classic Commando RTS series, Partisans: 1941 is all about strategy; with the player outmanned, outgunned, and having to rely on their smarts to complete objectives against a ruthless enemy.

Partisans: 1941 is an intriguing pitch for RTS fans, focussing on a less well known theatre of the second world war and putting you at a disadvantage from the very start. Partisans is all about a rag-tag team which under the player’s guidance will grow in experience and abilities. Very much rooted in the classic RTS gameplay style, you will be balancing quick reactions with careful planning, using rocks and knives and whatever weapons you can acquire to even the odds and gain the upper hand over your foes. Alter Games have learned from other genres, and your squad will update between missions in a way that will be familiar to fans of the X-Com games, while you will also be responsible for keeping up morale and expanding the Partisans’ basecamp in your downtime.

Fans of real-time-strategy have gone through something of a drought when it comes to solid tactical games, however that seems to be coming to an end. With Age of Empires 4 in active development, and titles like Partisans: 1941 here to scratch that itch, the future of RTS is looking bright.

Keep an eye on COGconnected for our review of Partisans:1941 coming soon, and let us know in the comments which RTS classics you enjoyed!