Could Netflix’s ‘Play Something’ Feature be Adapted for PlayStation?

Could Play Something Turn Into Something?

Netflix is trialing a new shuffle feature as a way to enhance the user experience. Play Something bypasses the need for a manual search and aims to put viewers in touch with something they want to watch. This new ability works from the complex Netflix algorithm, meaning it isn’t completely random – the selected series or film will be based on past preferences. If this exciting idea is well-received, is there a chance that it could be used in the gaming industry? It could certainly be a useful addition to the PlayStation Store in helping players select games.

What is Play Something?

It seems that Play Something is currently in a testing period, as Netflix decides whether this is a tool that users will enjoy. The streaming service has generally been fairly good at recommending series and films based on user’s past selections, and this is the natural next step in enhancing the user experience.

While there is no doubting Netflix’s popularity, many people would attest to spending hours flicking through the content available and still being unable to decide what to watch. There has even been research into this, where scientists have found that an overwhelming abundance of choice isn’t necessarily a good thing. For this reason, the shuffle feature could be ideal.

Digital Randomness is Exciting and Fair

This form of digital randomness is already highly prevalent in the gaming industry, with a number of games offering players the chance to have something selected for them. For example, in the FIFA games from EA Sports, players are able to press a button to choose a random team at the Kickoff screen. This can add an extra element of excitement to the game, especially when playing with friends.

Digital randomness also makes games fairer, this is clearly illustrated by slot games as they operate using random number generators. These programs work from an incredibly long and complex sequence that is impossible to track, meaning they are reliably secure and trustworthy. Due to the popularity of slot games, there’s a lot of choice which, like Netflix customers, can make players indecisive. So, sites like Mega Reel Slots have brought a random selection feature in for players before they register at a site. It helps to solve indecisiveness and also adds a bit of mystery around which site players are going to end up at.

Great Way to Liven up The PlayStation Experience

Sony could easily take these ideas and apply them to the PlayStation Store, an almighty chasm of gaming content that might just be leaving players spoilt for choice. Instead of allowing players to endlessly scroll through the options without ever choosing one, a shuffle feature could help put them in touch with a game they want to play instantly. It seems that the PlayStation 5 will be bringing in new enhancements to the user experience, and this could be a successful addition.

Algorithms have been put to good use in the entertainment industry in helping people make decisions, and this new shuffle feature is likely to take that to the next level. The randomness is also exciting, and could enhance user enjoyment. Whether this feature is included in the PlayStation 5 remains to be seen, but is hoped for by PlayStation users regardless.