The Beautiful Mangoe Cosplay Feature – Waifus Never Looked So Good

There are a ton of cosplays of Samus Aran, and for good reason! She’s kick-ass, has no problem blasting aliens away and is absolutely gorgeous! Mangoe does Samus so much justice that this next photo set likes it could be straight from the game.

Mangoe Cos

Mangoe Cos

Samus has no time for your weak attitude.

Mangoe Cos

Well, that’s it for this week! Were you already a fan of Mangoe or are you just seeing her for the first time? If so, we’ve linked her socials below so be sure to give her a follow to see what she’s up to! She’s active on the usual Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but also has a heavy presence on Twitch, Youtube, Patreon, and Only Fans for you fans who enjoy spicier picture sets. Stay tuned next weekend for our next cosplay feature.

  • For her Facebook, click here.
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  • For her Twitch page, click here.
  • For her business card that has links to more places, you can follow Mangoe at click here.


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