Final Fantasy XVI Plot Details Revealed in Famitsu

Time to Get Those Thinking Caps On, Intertubes

Final Fantasy XVI was only announced last month, and it’s already my most anticipated game of the next generation, and a new article in Famitsu has shed some light on the mysterious sixteenth main entry in the blockbuster franchise.

Some of the stuff that’s mentioned is stuff we’ve already theorized about or discussed, such as the fact that the character Joshua is capable of transforming into Phoenix, or that the (as of now) unnamed hero is capable of channeling an eikon’s power in his attack. We also received some new details about the mysterious mother crystals. While we previously wrote that they’re the only thing keeping the mysterious blight at bay, it now appears that the mother crystals are key to maintaining life in Final Fantasy XVI’s world, period. This brings new meaning to the phrase “The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough,” which is said in the first trailer.

While a Final Fantasy villain wanting to eliminate all life is par for the course at this point, it appears that it’s the protagonist speaking. Could we be seeing the very first villain protagonist in a mainline Final Fantasy game? It’s unlikely, but possible. Far more likely is that he and his companions are working to destroy the crystals while finding a way to survive without them. It could also be that he’s forced into an impossible choice between the two, which would bring new light to the warring Ifrit and Phoenix logo. After all, French site Finaland has gone into detail on the trailer and included story details, a lot of which is conjecture, but some of it is logical. One of the points they make is that, as per the trailer, it should be impossible for two fire-elemental Eikon’s to exist at the same time, and that the warring nature of the two could be key.

It could be that Joshua is capable of summoning or even transforming into both Phoenix and Ifrit, and the warring natures of the two could be symbolized in the logo. Given that the article seemingly confirms that the protagonist is Joshua’s brother (albeit the line is different in the English trailer) it might be a family trait, given that he himself can channel multiple eikon’s. It could be that such hard decisions are a key motif throughout the game, and we’ll see our ambivalent heroes repeatedly torn between what they want and what they need to do.

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