Final Fantasy XVI Had Completed Basic Production

Time Will Tell if Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XVI Will Be as Eikonic as Some of Its Predecessors

We wrote a fair bit about Final Fantasy XVI even before it launched, and some of our predictions turned out to be true. One of those predictions, based on a job posting from April 2019, was that the game would be coming sooner than we thought – and with a new job posting by Square Enix we have more evidence than ever that we won’t have to wait as long as we did for Final Fantasy XV.

The job posting reads: “We are looking to for staff to assist in creating the world of Final Fantasy XVI, this includes creating various areas/stages, cutscenes, and character animations.. While basic development and scenario production have already been completed, we are continuing to create resources and boss battles, while expanding our development tools.”

Of course, this isn’t as good as “We have completed the game entirely, sorry for the lie, here’s a free copy to make up for it” but it does point to the release being a lot closer than we could have thought, possibly even 2021 or early 2022.

A video game scenario is basically an industry term for the story; the scenario is the goal comprised of several tasks; several scenarios together are grouped into a campaign. The game having finished basic development and scenario editing means that we only have the advanced stuff left. The fact that the boss battles are still in production implies that they’ve held at least some of the boss battles back to fill in the gaps later – possibly optional bosses. The fact that they’re hiring people to work on cutscenes and character animations makes sense, given that we already know that the visuals will be improved. The mention of areas and stages implies that at least some of the areas haven’t been completed quite yet, although it’s likely that any motion capture has already been done, so they have that to work around.

Final Fantasy XVI Logo

We’re not expecting the next big Final Fantasy XVI until sometime next year, but look forward to a teaser website for the upcoming game later this year. We don’t know what to expect, but hopefully we’ll get some more information to tide us over.

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