Demon’s Souls Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Prepare to Die

Before Fromsoftware made it big with the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, they created a game called Demon’s Souls. It had all the elements that would go on to make Fromsoftware the gaming juggernaut they are today; intricate gameplay, punishingly difficult boss battles, and the ability to interact with other players by leaving messages or else invade their games for a showdown.

Still, Dark Souls quickly overshadowed Demon’s Souls, which is why so many players were surprised – and excited – to see the original game getting a brand new remake for the PS5, meaning updated graphics, smoother controls, and the chance for thousands of players who came into the series later on to discover where it all began, and we now have a new trailer that’s bound to get people excited, showcasing the location Stonefang as well as some of the enemies you’ll face, including a nightmarish spider, a bestial ape-like demon leaving a trail of fire in its wake, and some giant worms that burst from the ground to strike.

True to the series’ reputation for being hair-pullingly difficult, the trailer ends with the player character dying at the hands of one of their foes, showing us a glimpse of what else we can expect from the upcoming remake, and it looks like players who persevere through the game will have their mettle tested against some great challenges, like a massive flying stingay, giant trolls wielding deadly clubs, and even dragons. Even better, Demon’s Souls debuted on the PS3, and we’re getting some great visual updates worthy of the newest console generation, with the game looking better than any Soulslike game released so far.

Demon's Souls PS5

Will you be playing Demon’s Souls, or perhaps a better question is do you have the patience? Let us know down in the comments.