Cultist Simulator’s Final DLC Approaches

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew

The surreal, mysterious, and terrifying Cultist Simulator returns to Android and iOS for its last and greatest expansion. The Exile DLC is almost as big as the base game was at launch, and it breaks all the rules that have been established–which may not be as disorienting as it sounds, but only because the rules of Cultist Simulator have always been ambiguous and in flux. We touched on this in our review of the game, and it remains one of the most iconic choices the devs made. In short, Cultist Simulator is not a game you are meant to understand easily, or at all for that matter. What story about delving into forbidden knowledge and twisting yourself beyond recognition in pursuit of power presents itself as simple and easy to understand?

Probably one with fewer timed cards that keep disappearing on you. Yes, it sounds like a silly complaint, but it’s a real problem. Just look at this trailer. You’ll understand.

The Exile puts you in 1920’s Europe, in the liminal space between the invisible world and the invisible underworld. The reckoner mobs trade in the most valuable commodity of all: life. You used to be one of them, but now you’re on the run with a hoard of borrowed years, and the reckoner lord you betrayed is coming for every stolen heartbeat. Even if that means tracking you across three continents.

This DLC pack contains:

  • One new Legacy – Forget the long familiar path to ascension. Travel across Europe and beyond. Call in old markers. Plunder haunted places. Cut deals with strange Names. Escape in the nick of time.
  • Ten new Endings – Cunning; Patience; Agony; Obscurity; and that’s not all. How will your flight end? What is victory, and what is defeat?
  • Thirty-three cities – Budapest in the strange days of the Hungarian Regency. Kaunas in the grip of the Iron Wolf. Drink tea with poets in Meshad, or absinthe with artists in Granada. Amber Rostock, Red Vienna. Alexandria, and the Invisible Serapeum. The last days of the Nizhny Great Fair. Marrakech, for Glory. And many more…

The Exile will be available in mobile stores at $4.99 on November 3rd. Or, if you’re just getting into Cultist Simulator now, you can pick up the base game and all four DLC with the Forbidden Bundle which will be available on the same day for $6.99. It contains:

  • Four new Legacies
  • Six new Ascensions
  • Ten new Endings
  • New mechanics to expand your experience and your cult

So go ahead. Raise a cult. Sacrifice your followers. Ascend to heights unimaginable… or fall to depths impossible. The choice is yours. Assuming those cards are where you left them.

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