Final Fantasy XVI Coming Sooner Than Never, They Promise

It’s Been In Development For A Hot Minute

The team behind Final Fantast XVI had a chance to chat during this week’s Tokyo Game Show conference. Actually, it was officially a Final Fantasy XIV event until Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito showed up. Then the conversation got quickly derailed. So are we seeing this game before 2026 or what?

Final Fantasy XVI

Well, Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, definitely doesn’t want fans to feel this way. He believes (and rightfully so) that a lush, fully pre-rendered cutscene story trailer leaves people skeptical. Better to show off gameplay, regardless of how rough or unfinished it might be. Framerates and particle physics can be improved, but CGI movies are fake forever.

On that note, Yoshida said the trailer has no selling points to speak of. It’s rough clay running on a PC with PS5 specs, which people definitely noticed. But the team wanted to show the game (as much as possible) as it is, not as some slick pre-rendered vision of what it could be. As far as further details go, we won’t be getting any until 2021. A teaser site is coming in late October, but that might not have anything new. On the plus side, the clues add up to this game being in development for almost four years already. Perhaps that release date isn’t as far off as we think?