Watch Out For Fake Baldur’s Gate 3 Pre-Orders

In Case You See One Advertised

Larian Studios Publishing Director Michael Douse took to Twitter yesterday to warn players about fake Baldur’s Gate pre-orders. As the game has neither a concrete release window, nor any such deals with distributors, it’s important that players not get scammed.The game doesn’t even have a price yet!

Baldur's Gate 3 fake pre-orders

According to Douse, “Be wary of preordering BG3 anywhere right now. We won’t have a pre-order period. We have no plans to work with retail yet, and no 3rd party distributors. Haven’t announced a price or date. We can’t guarantee you’ll get anything from them.” Part of this has to do with Larian’s release plans for the game, in that there won’t be early copies given to anyone.

In other words, any digital retail outlet claiming to have pre-release access to the game is incorrect. This announcement has some fans rather worried, as it’s coming very shortly before the game is supposedly coming to early access. Douse’s response to these concerns is “Big news very soon.” Does that mean we’ll shortly be getting a release date? Will the game just appear on digital storefronts in a few days? Or is this a sly, winking nod to some sort of pre-launch catastrophe? Either way, we’ll hopefully have more details shortly.