ICYMI: High School Horror Game ‘What Happened’ Out Now

What If Bullying, But With Brain-Melting Terror?

High school bullying is pretty awful stuff, but what if it was like, way worse? What Happened offers an answer to this terrible question through an escalating series of relentless psychedelic attacks. Stiles, the student protagonist, is being haunted by demons. Are they real? Imaginary? Both? It seems like it might be both.

What Happened

The game takes place in an American high school where everyone speaks in just a whisper of an accent. Just the slightest vocal brushstrokes of a European upbringing. According to the press release, “Stiles will encounter rampant vegetation, predatory beasts and the claws of hungry demons, representations of his memories and deepest LSD-fuelled fears. Nothing is ever quite what it first appears.”

Does our boy Stiles get dosed? Do we have to keep him from tripping out so hard he swan dives off a glowing crystal cliff-side into a very empty concrete pool? Or is this more about psychosis manifesting demons to chase him directly into a psych ward? Either way, I’m fully on board. What Happened is available right this second on Steam, where it’s currently selling at a 10% launch discount. You can check out the launch trailer embedded below.

SOURCE: Press Release