Tons of Indie Games Coming To Switch Today

Indie World Showcase Full of Imminent Releases

The latest Indie World Showcase from Nintendo debuted this morning, and it was jam packed full of games. While some of them aren’t coming out till next year, others are being released on the eShop later today! In fact, there’s a whole mess of them coming out before the day is done.

Epic games

Thunder Lotus’ Spiritfarer, Oink Games‘ Takeshi & Hiroshi, and Raji: An Ancient Epic (from Nodding Head Games), are all coming out later today. Whippoorwill’s A Short Hike is also coming out today on Nintendo Switch. Manifold Garden is coming out today, from William Chyr Studio. Plus, Evergate, from Stone Lantern Studios, is coming to the console today as well.

All told, that’s six different titles coming to the Nintendo Switch before the day is done. This isn’t even considering the stack of other titles shown off with slightly later release dates. While some fans are probably still slowly starving for information on AAA titles, it’s good to know that Indie games still have a lush and vibrant home on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out trailers for all of these games, as well as all the ones I failed to mention, in the showcase video embedded below.