Marvel’s Avengers Post-Launch DLC Sold For Cash Or Credits

You Don’t HAVE To Spend A Dime, If You Don’t Want To

Marvel’s Avengers is out really soon, which means we’re getting a steady stream of details about the game. For example, we now know how the post-launch DLC is going to work! Players could be spending between $30 and $60 per season’s worth of content. This seems like a lot, but maybe it somehow isn’t?

Every character added post-launch comes with their own missions, upgrades, and cosmetics. Said DLC characters will be $10 each, or 1000 credits. What this means is that maybe you won’t have to spend any extra money for this new content! Assuming that grinding for 1000 credits isn’t a savage experiment in human suffering.

The most recent blog post has clarified that players will be able to earn the required credits for each new Challenge Card by maxing out an existing character. The developers have also been adamant that things like alternate costumes will only ever be cosmetic, to prevent that Pay-to-Win nonsense from taking hold. Once the game is released into the wild, the actual balance of the in-game economy will be laid pretty bare. Until then, you can check out our own previews of Marvel’s Avengers for a better idea of what’s to come. Marvel’s Avengers is coming out on September 4th for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and the Google Stadia.