Reminder: Story of Seasons Out Today

Return To Mineral Town on PC and Switch

In case it slipped your mind, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is out today on PC and the Nintendo Switch! That means a farm-tastic time can be yours, right this second, if you’re so inclined. We even put up a full review of the game here!

If haven’t heard, Friends of Mineral Town is a full remake of the original Game Boy Advance title from all the way back in 2003. Everything from the gameplay to the graphics has been updated for the modern era. Now you can restore the farm, race horses, and fall in love all over again! Maybe even grow a crop or two.

The Nintendo Switch version is also getting a physical edition. Plus there will be costume DLC available at launch, in case looking good and farming well occupy similar spots in your internal hierarchy. Between this and the impending release of Ooblets, it’s going to be a busy week for adorable farming sims. Heck, if you look ahead far enough, it’s going to be a good year for adorable farming sims. What better way to escape the horrors of the outside world than with a little simulated farming?

SOURCE: Press Release