Rainbow Six Siege Has Banned More Than 100,000 Accounts Since Launch

That a Lot of Bums 

Cheating is an unfortunate yet unavoidable reality of online gaming. Especially on PC. For whatever reason, some people find it fun to blatantly cheat and hack their way into the winner’s circle. While there are many other games that have experienced a pandemic of cheaters over its lifetime perhaps no community has suffered more than Rainbow Six Siege.

dead ringer rainbow six siege

Since the game first launched, Rainbow Six Siege was plagued with players using aimbot, wallhacks, fly, etc. However, what made this problem even worse was how slow Ubsibisoft was when it came to banning these players and their accounts. Things have changed for the better over the past few years but in the early days, it was almost impossible to not come across someone who wasn’t cheating.

Ubisoft has recently released the numbers when it comes to how many accounts they have banned. Since 2016 Ubisoft has had to ban more than 100,000 accounts for cheating and foul play. Keep in mind that these are only the accounts that they have caught. Chances are there are just as many players running around causing chaos and pulling other sweaty shenanigans but they have just not been found yet.

“More than ever, Siege is a target of choice for cheaters and cheat providers due to its growing popularity and competitive nature. This has pre-empted us to make further upgrades to our anti-cheat system,” said Ubisoft in their blog post.

For the sake of the Siege community, we can only hope this problem does not persist. Ubisoft added that they have been forced to ban close to 47,000 players this year alone. Siege has taken a bit of a hit recently due to community outcries over balancing issues. If hackers continue to ruin the game then it can only be expected that the deadly combination is only going to lead to more players leaving altogether.