A Fallout TV Series Has Been Confirmed and is Now Under Production

Made By Amazon 

Amazon and Bethesda are teaming up to make a TV series based around the Fallout universe. Based almost entirely off the video game series fans can expect to see this new TV show sometime in the new feature. According to both Amazon and Bethesda, the show is currently under development. There are no official release date or anything of that nature but the ball is currently rolling.

Fallout 76

Video game movies/shows don’t have a great track record. Up until the launch of Netflix’s Witcher series most adaptations of video games onto the big screen had gone terribly or just missed their mark. Bethesda will hopefully be looking at what was done right when it came to the Witcher and build off their success and learn from their mistakes.

The setting and backdrop of the Fallout universe are more than intriguing enough to base a show off of.  However, sometimes not all of the original ideas from the source material survive when it has to go through the Hollywood meatgrinder. There are plenty of dark, gritty and mature themes that are in your face in the Fallout series (especially the older titles) that could easily be removed or declawed in order to appease a more moderate or family-friendly audience. Amazon is still home to a handful of “on the nose” series so we will have to see how everything pans out.

Kilter Films will also play a large role in the new Fallout series which should provide some kind of reassurance to fans. Kilter had its hands in the breakout success that was Westworld on HBO as well as other impressive accolades. In many ways, it does look like video game movies and TV shows could be turning a page and distancing itself from the bad memories of the Mario and Mortal Kombat films of the 1990s.