Gwent’s Latest Expansion Master Mirror is Now Live

It’s Time to Duel

The fourth major expansion for Gwent is now live. Inspired by the success of this Medieval card game that was originally featured in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015. The developers of the Witcher franchise decided to try and make Gwent its own stand-alone game. It has been available for more than two years now and has managed to amass a loyal cult following. The gameplay is addictive and the games are quick. If you are into going head to head against other players in a battle of wits then you should certainly try it out. Gwent is totally free to play.


Master Mirror is has introduced 70 new cards for all of the factions as well as neutral cards that all decks have access to. One of the more notable additions is the new “evolution card.” These cards become more powerful as the game drags on. This means that leaving them in your hand for as long as possible might be the best course of action depending on what you are trying to pull off. There are almost endless shenanigans you and attempt with the evolution cards as well as the other new faces that have made their debut.

A new card status called “veil” will also be a new sight to players. Viel is a status that prevents that particular card from gaining any other statuses. It cannot be locked, poisoned, doomed, shielded, etc. Needless to say, Master Mirror has flipped the meta on its head and it is still not clear where it is going to end up. The number of combinations and various tactics are next to impossible to wrap your head around. CD Projekt Red has not mentioned whether or not if they will stop releasing new expansions after Master Mirror however, judging from the reception of the fans it will hard to draw the line here.