Previous Director of Resident Evil 4 Is on Board With the Idea of a Remake

Shinji Mikami Gives His Nod of Approval

Both Resident Evil 2 and 3 have been the benefactors of remakes or remasters within the past year. While there has been a bit of a mixed reception of both games, the general consensus is positive. Especially when they are held up next to the most recent Resident Evil games. Since the release of the remakes, fans have come to the reasonable conclusion that another remake is around the corner for Resident Evil 4. There have been a ton of rumors but nothing concrete yet. However, the past director of RE4, Shinji Mikami, voiced his opinion on the possibility of a remake.

Resident Evil

In an interview with IGN Mikami explained that he thought the likelihood of a remake is very high thanks to the financial success of the previous attempts. While he did not come across as very enthusiastic about the idea he did say that he would be on board with the project if it was done well and remained faithful to the original. “As long as it turns out good I have no issues with it,” Mikami added.

The topic of remakes and remaster seems to be on a very wide spectrum in terms of quality. On one hand, they are worthwhile reimaginings of classic games that add useful and interesting new mechanics and on the other is just a blatant and lazy cash-grab hoping to profit off of nostalgia. Like most things in life, remakes exist in a very grey area.

Resident Evil still remains one of the most beloved video game franchises in 2020. While some in the fanbase might be somewhat cautious about the thought of another remake, it is likely that it will happen regardless. Capcom has had a tough go of things the past few years and will look to rebound anyway possible.