Min-Min Is Coming To Smash Bros Ultimate

ARMS and Smash, Together At Last

After a bit of waiting and wondering, we now know who the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter is going to be. Sakurai introduced everyone to Min-Min, of ARMS fame, in a presentation embedded below. From the included footage, she looks quite formidable.

Min-Min ARMS Smash Bros Ultimate

Like in the actual game, Min-Min will use different ARMS for different attacks. Her strikes can even bend and twist, in order to hit opponents all over the dang place. A controls one arm, while B controls the other. You may recognize this as subtly different from every other Smash character in history, a little bit. She’s got long range, but a big wind-up, so do with that information what you will.

A longer look at her gameplay demonstration suggests that Min-Min won’t be quite as broken out the gate as some other characters seemed to be. The hero from Dragon Quest comes to mind, for example. She’s got her own stage, The Spring Stadium, as well as an 18-song soundtrack. That’s pretty much the whole ARMS collection. Min-Min will be launching on June 29th, as part of the second fighters pass. You can check out the whole presentation below.