Goodbye Volcano High – Life Is Very, Very Strange

Dino Crisis Meets Life Is Strange

It would be very easy to descend into the bottomless pit of furry jokes that this game might lob at us, but let’s take the harder path and try to stay above all that. So, during the PS5 event last week, a bunch of high profile, AAA titles were announced, as well as some smaller indie games. Goodbye Volcano High is one of those indie games, and boy howdy is it indie. It hits nearly every target that a hallmark indie game goes for; it focuses on relationship-based narrative, it features a marginalized main character, it has an alternative art style (hand drawn), it features a folk-y guitar soundtrack, and it is set in a human world occupied by characters that are not human and does not bother to answer why. This might be the most indie game of all time.

Goodbye Volcano High

The game’s main character is Fang; a non-binary, gothic pterodactyl, which is a phrase that I never thought I’d ever say. Fang is in part of a band called VVorm Drama with their friend Trish; a triceratops, and Fang’s brother Naser; a floral-shirt-wearing pterodactyl. Together, they and their friends will explore their final year of high school, which many of us know is a challenge in and of itself.

Goodbye Volcano High is developed by KO_OP, a Canadian “artist-run game studio”. They also developed the turn-based puzzle game by Square Enix, Lara Croft Go. Goodbye Volcano High will be out in 2021 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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Source: YouTube