Fallout 76 Season 1 Will Add a Very Useful Item for Players

Ammo Goes in, Ammo Comes out

Bethesda has tried a lot of things to keep Fallout 76 afloat. It’s code must look like Frankenstein’s monster or a raft made out of shipwreck debris. Still, it has enough committed players to not shut down. 20 updates into its lifetime and we have finally hit Fallout 76 Season 1. These seasons will be functioning a lot like Battle Passes in other games like Fortnite and Modern Warfare. Players complete challenges and get points, climb the ranks, and collect rewards. It’s been a few years, but Bethesda finally got there.

Fallout 76 Season 1

And like Battle Passes in other games, the rewards in Fallout 76 are mainly cosmetic and won’t offer any huge edge over other players. That’s not to say that these rewards aren’t useful. In fact, very early on in Season 1, players can get a very useful item. On rank 5, players will be awarded the Ammo Converter. The Ammo Converter is a terminal where players can select the type and quantity of ammo they would like to get rid of. They are then given AmmoPoints in return. These are like store credit for ammo. You want 5mm but have too much 10mm? Swap it out for some AmmoPoints and buy some 5mm with them.

Apart from the Ammo Converter, rewards for achieving different ranks range from weapon skins, to caps, to repair kits, to power armour paint, to lunch boxes, to atoms, to decorative items, and a lot more. You can check out what you will be getting at each rank here. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Bethesda