Expect to See Crysis Remastered Gameplay Later This Week

We Don’t Have Much Longer to Wait

Only two months ago, long time fans of the Crysis series were gifted with the news that a remastered version of the original game was on its way. While there is no official trailer or gameplay for this ambitious reworking of the all-time classic FPS, this should all change by the end of this week. According to developers, they will announce a release date as well as a first look at the shiny new graphics that will replace the originals.

Crysis Remastered

The first Crysis game was launched in 2007 and was instantly praised for both its gameplay and stunning graphics. While they might not be anything to drool over today, they were a huge step for the gaming industry at the time and would lead to both Crysis 2 and 3 being even better looking than the last. Unfortunately, Crysis has been sorrowly missed over the past handful of years as we have not been gifted a new entry into the franchise since 2013.

Thankfully a totally new Crysis game is in the works but we will not see anything until the remaster has launched sometime this year. One can only imagine what the next Crysis title will look like thanks to the enormous improvements in terms and graphics and visuals that have been made over the past seven years.

There is currently a live stream set up on the official Crysis YouTube channel that will showcase the remaster on July 1st. This way fans will not miss a second of what they are in store for. With the problems that have come with COVID-19, it has been very interesting to see how companies within the gaming industry have been able to get their name out there without relying on large conferences like E3. YouTube has been one of those lifelines.