Bluepoint Giving Demon’s Souls A Makeover for PS5

Honey, I Hardly Recognized You

One of the highlights at today’s PS5 event was Bluepoint Games dropping a trailer for Demon’s Souls. This remake looks like a full teardown affair, with every scrap and pixel fully re-worked. You can check out a 4K version of the trailer in question below!

Demon's Souls PS5

Although we don’t have a good look at the gameplay, everyone can sort of guess, right? Like Dark Souls, if that game was too easy for you. If these Soulsborne games just haven’t been challenging you enough. Not only will be getting a super sexy version of the first Souls game, but it’s going to have multiple gameplay modes!

The game can be played to maximize either fidelity or frame-rate, which is great for those frame-perfect speedrunners who want to do things just right. The trailer blurb also refers to something called “Fractured Mode,” which is either a graphics-focused addition or some horrible new gameplay twist. We don’t have a concrete release date yet, but hopefully that information will come soon. Maybe that news can come alongside the price point for the PS5! A man can dream, you know.