PlayStation Plus Reaches Record Breaking Amount of Users

41 Million Users to Be Exact 

PlayStation Plus was the first time in the company’s history that forced customers to purchase access to online play. Previously, on the PS3 this service was totally free. However, like the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and the online that was present on the PlayStation 3 was not the smoothest of times. Connection problems were rampant and many features of that Xbox Live had to offer were nowhere to be seen. This all changed with the release of the PS4 and it appears as though providing a quality service that users must buy for has really paid off.

PlayStation 5 Backwards Compatibility

In a recent conference meeting between the PlayStation higher-ups, it was announced that PS Plus has amassed a staggering 41 million separate users. This is after there was a significant boost to their clientele from January to March 2020. It can only be assumed that even more people have subscribed to this service after the full effects of the coronavirus pandemic really started to set in around April and May. Sony has not been shy about crediting COVID-19 to this sudden uptick in customers either. It should not be much of a surprise that when millions of people are confined to their homes, they seek out entertainment at every opportunity.

It should also be mentioned that PlayStation’s streaming service, PlayStation Now has also seen a massive increase in users. It really seems that Sony cannot be beaten this generation. There are numerous reasons as to why Sony and PlayStation have experienced an enormous comeback from the PS3, but it is still impressive none the less. With the next generation of consoles just around the corner, it will be very interesting to see if and how Sony is going to remain ahead of the competition. Without any doubt, Sony has dominated this time around.