New MOBA-RPG Hybrid Goes to Steam Early Access on July 15

A New Take on the MOBA Genre by an Indie Studio

On July 15, Steam Early Access will welcome a new MOBA-RPG hybrid, Hunter’s Arena: Legends, by independent game studio Mantisco. The game promises to blend select features from MMO dungeons and raids, MOBA ability and progression systems, and fighting game combat mechanics. Think World of Warcraft x League of Legends x Mortal Kombat, perhaps, with a distinctly eastern martial arts fantasy aesthetic.

Take a peek at gameplay footage on Hunter’s Arena: Legends’ Steam page:

Hunter's Arena Gameplay

The primary Battle Royale game mode will be a large-scale battle between 60 players that contains elements of both PvP and PvE. Four modes in total are planned: Battle Royale for solo players, Battle Royale for teams of three, 1-on-1 Tag Match, and four-player Free For All. The first three will be available with Early Access, while the fourth will launch at a later time in Early Access.

Mantisco has yet to announce the final price of the game. In Early Access, the game will include 12 playable characters, 3 limited-edition cosmetic skins, and 5 dance emotes.

The game has already undergone several closed betas in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Its Steam Early Access release will be the first time gamers in the rest of the world get to try the game out.

Those who are eager to try Hunter’s Arena: Legends out sooner rather than later can sign up for a free public stress test key at Mantisco will be holding one server stress test Friday, June 26 to Saturday, June 27, and another one Friday, July 3 to Saturday, July 4.

Source: Press release