Captain America Will Be “Very Acrobatic” in Marvel’s Avengers

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Last Summer was a great time for news for Marvel’s Avengers. Hell, it was a great time for video game news in general, what with things like E3 happening. But that is a relic of the Before Times. That doesn’t mean news doesn’t exist anymore. In fact, one of the combat designers for Marvel’s Avengers is giving some details on one Steve Rogers in the up coming game. On the Avengers game Subreddit, a discussion was posted about Hulk’s traversal capabilities, which quickly deviated and focused on Captain America’s abilities.

Marvel’s Avengers’ combat designer Vince Napoli chimed in to explain how Captain America does his thing. He describes Cap as “very acrobatic” in pretty much everything he does. “We wanted to make it feel like his acrobatic prowess is where he derives a lot of his strength and power from in combat. For example, him being able to do a running b-twist jump and shield toss is what helps make that throw so powerful, or being able to throw his entire body, literally, into a kick, but then catch himself and follow up with leg sweeps,” Napoli says.

Napoli also talks about his traversal skill set. “Captain’s wall run is a set distance, but being able to chain them together by jumping back and forth, double jumping, pole swinging, etc. makes it really friendly. A well timed double jump off a wall run can also be used to re-trigger the wall run.. his navigation is really flexible and active. He basically has lots of little maneuvers that let him hop around the environment and manipulate the space more than any other character.” I kind of imagine the movement that Crackdown allows, but we will just have to wait until September. Marvel’s Avengers is set to launch on September 5th for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

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Source: Reddit