Nomura Favors Small Speedy Releases For FF7 Remake

Anything Less Than Five Years Each Would Be Great

We still have no idea how large the Final Fantasy VII: Remake project truly is, nor do we know how long we’ll be waiting until the next release. Co-director Tetsuya Nomura opened up about this earlier this week, giving hopeful fans something resembling insight into how the future will unfurl. According to him, speedy releases in smaller chunks would be much preferred.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

This isn’t the same thing as a confirmation, mind you. Nomura simply stated that “If we separate it into bigger chunks it will take more time, but if we take smaller portions it can be done on a shorter span. Personally, I would like to deliver it fast.” Other comments from producer Yoshinori Kitase suggest that fans expecting a trilogy should maybe not expect a trilogy.

“We have a rough idea on that, but it’s not been completely decided yet. It’s impossible to talk about this right now. It seems that many people think it will become a trilogy,” Kitase stated. In other words, the developers are keeping their cards perilously close to their chests. While separate reports have stated that work for part two is well underway, there is no timeline whatsoever for its completion and release. Let’s just hope that this isn’t a ‘five years later’ type situation.