PS5 Release Will Not Be Delayed By Coronavirus

Fingers Crossed, Everything Should Run Smoothly 

The coronavirus has paralyzed almost every facet of our lives at this point. Depending on where you live, things like malls, schools, restaurants, and other businesses have been closed to stop the spread of the virus. The gaming industry has not been immune to these problems either. Countless conferences and expos have been forced to close their doors in order to combat this epidemic. Even E3, the world’s largest annual gaming conference was forced to close down. However, it is suspected that the coronavirus should not delay the release of the PS5.

PS5 Logo Sony

The PlayStation 5’s release is currently scheduled for late 2020. Sony has not made any announcement on the subject yet. But experts have suggested that they will not be making any decisions to push anything back. As far as we know the PlayStation 5 is still on track to drop around Christmas. But this could of course change as the coronavirus situation evolves. No one is really sure how long this pandemic is going to last and it could have much larger implications further on down the road.

Regardless of when the PS5 arrives, it will have a lot of hype around it when it does. The specs for the new console have just been released and fans are excited. The PlayStation 4 has clearly edged out the Xbox One in this generation’s “console war.” There is no reason to believe that Sony will not be able to carry this momentum into the next generation as well. Microsoft has not been doing itself any favors, and Sony has really been able to capitalize on their mistakes.

The PS5 is looking like it will be the most powerful console to date. Hopefully, it is able to live up to the high expectations.