New Overwatch Update Significantly Boosts Tracer

I Already Picked Tracer…..

Overwatch has been around for almost five years and has still managed to remain relevant in a very competitive market. Blizzard has been able to stay on top by constantly updating and changing their game throughout its life-span. Constant updates and new characters have also been a strength of the series. Making sure things stay fresh and exciting has been a strong pull factor. However, sometimes it is not the new characters or maps that make Overwatch a fun experience, but rather revisiting old characters and giving them the tweaks they need to remain viable options in-game.

Overwatch Hero Bans

Tracer has been in Overwatch since the game first launched in 2015. She was propped up as the poster child of the franchise and is probably the most recognizable and standout character amongst a very large roster of heroes. Tracer is relatively hard to use due to how delicate she is, but once players get the hang of her playstyle she can be very tough to deal with. She has just received a notable buff that will make her even stronger in the current meta.

Her famous blink ability will be much more accurate than before. Players will be able to use it much more reliably which means teams will be able to coordinate plays much easier. Overwatch is a game that relies on teamwork like no other. If you are not able to work together with the other players around you, chances of winning are slim to none. Tracer used to be one of the most dominant heroes in the game, but as the year passed by she started to fade. Hopefully, this update will give her the boost she needs to become competitive once again.

Overwatch is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.