Dreams Players Could Start a Career With Their Creations

Levels In Dreams Could Get You Paid

Media Molecule announced on Friday that Dreams players who participated in the game’s early access period are now able to enter a beta evaluation program that will allow them to submit applications for specific in-game projects.


But what types of projects exactly? Well, according to the studio’s director Siobhan Reddy, “concept artists and music video creators” have expressed interest in using the game for their projects.

Reddy also said that the beta evaluation program is “only available to Early Access Members in good standing.”

“Please make sure you have published creations that can be viewed, or a showreel showing work made in Dreams that can be viewable by Media Molecule,” she added.

If you haven’t picked up Dreams but are thinking about it then read our review. “Dreams is incredible,” the review’s author wrote. “It’s what I and so many others have wanted from the time we fell in love with video games. It’s a limitless playground for those that have ever dreamt of the perfect video game – but it’s okay if you haven’t!”

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