Sony Offering Actual Platinum Trophy This March

A Most Auspicious Honor

Sony is giving away exactly one legitimate, actual platinum trophy as part of this year’s PlayStation Player Celebration. There will also be avatars and themes being given away, but neither of those things are a big old silver paperweight pulled right out of your television. In fact, it’s all happening next month!

Platinum Trophy PS PLayer Celebration

Here’s the scoop: Sony wants everyone playing tons of games and earning gobs of trophies this year. Platinum, gold, silver, the whole works. So the entire player base is being tasked with reaching a certain amount of games played and trophies earned, starting on February 24th. The first of three goals is 125,000 games played, and 500,000 trophies earned.

If that seems like a ludicrous goal, keep in mind every PlayStation player will be be teaming up for this one. The first goal’s completion will score participants a static PS4 theme. The second goal is 375k games and 1.5 million trophies. That one nets everybody five new avatars. The third goal requires 675k games played and 2.7 million trophies. For completing that task, participating players will receive a dynamic theme. Honestly, all of this is terribly small potatoes beside that trophy. If you’re registered (which you can do starting today), you just have to go to this site on March 17th and answer a skill-testing question really fast. Then maybe you’ve snagged the ultimate platinum! Free up that mantle space now!