Nioh Developer Wants to Make New IP For PS5

Planning For the Future

Team Ninja, developers behind the fan-favorite hack-and-slash title “Nioh,” have recently released updated sales figures for the game claiming a new milestone for the company. To coincide with the news of their success, studio head Yosuke Hayashi spoke on the future of Team Ninja.

PS Plus

“I believe that a new console will bring new opportunities and we would like to create a new game, a new intellectual property for PlayStation 5,” Hayashi said. “We created the Nioh series for PS4 and we would like to do the same for PS5,” Hayashi said.

It wasn’t elaborated on as to what sort of game this could potentially be, but given that they’ve been developing the same kind of game for years now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to go with something completely different. Team Ninja, however, recently mentioned that they’d like to return to Ninja Gaiden.

As mentioned earlier, since the launch of Nioh in 2017, Team Ninja has enjoyed steady success, first reporting two million sales in May 2018, and then 2.5 million in February 2019. They announced they finally broke over the three-million-mark this month, and are now looking forward to the release of Nioh 2, coming March 13. Set in the 1500s, Nioh 2 is a prequel to the original game and is looking to expand upon the universe and mechanics outlined in Nioh.

Nioh 2 open beta

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Nioh 2? And maybe more interestingly, what’s your take on the new potential IP from Team Ninja? What sort of game could it be? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think, and be sure to stay social by following us on Twitter. Today is also the day for our weekly cosplay feature, so if you haven’t checked it out already, take a look at the stunning work of Enayla Cosplay.