Main Assembly Is That Robot Builder You’ve Dreamed Of

Dream It, Build It, Give It A Duck Bill

There’s nothing quite like seeing one of your mechanical creations wobble to life. At least, if you’re the robot-making kind of person. Which, who wouldn’t be? Team17 and Bad Yolk are bringing that joy to the masses with Main Assembly, the makings things game coming to PC!

Main Assembly

The trailer, embedded below, doesn’t have much in the way of story, or environments, or characters. What it does have are machines coming to life with the guidance of a bored and/or benevolent creator. Crabs, ducks, crazy spaceships, and even rocket-powered rovers are all on brilliant display. The possibilities seem endless!

Of course,even a long glance at the assembly process still leaves the viewer with a multitude of questions. How does each crafted piece know how to behave? How does  the physics engine talk with every creation and its components? What kind of ducks can you create, when the chips are down? Curious players will have the chance to answer these questions, as the beta is starting in less than a week. Main Assembly will be running a beta from February 14th to the 28th, with a Steam Early Access release date sometime in April. Just think of all the mechanized ducks you’ll be able to build.