Lots of Doom Games on Sale on Switch

Almost All of Them Honestly

Doom Eternal is coming out next month! Maybe you didn’t know that. Maybe you’ve been living under a beautifully furnished rock with incredible internet access. Or perhaps you’ve just decided to ignore the news, since the game isn’t coming to the Nintendo Switch for a good while. In that case, why not grab all the other Doom games while you wait? For a sizable discount, no less?

Doom Switch Screen

To elaborate, Doom and Doomer are a mere $1.49 USD. Doom With a Flashlight is only $2.99 USD, while Doom: The Rippening is down to $29.99 USD. To that end, if you’re somehow still short on Doom games, this is the perfect time to remedy that problem.

Nervous Neds and their ilk may wonder just how well Second-Newest Doom runs on the Nintendo Switch. The answer is, pretty good? It looks 720p, but it moves like butter on a frying pan. If you value portability over power, this Switch business my be your first and last word on Doom gaming. For the pixel-rich crowd, Doom Eternal is coming to the PC, PS4, and the Xbox One on March 20th, 2020. The Nintendo Switch release date is currently up in the air. We promise to tell you the moment that date is made public.