Cross-Save Comes to The Witcher 3 Switch in Latest Update

The Witcher 3 Switch Version Gets Some Graphic Options Too

CD Projekt Red has updated the Witcher 3 Switch version to allow cross-save functionality between the Switch and PC. Players are also now  able to adjust features such as depth of field, anti-aliasing, motion blur, and chromatic aberration effects.

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The update introduces save file integration with Steam and GOG. Players can effectively use their PC save file on their Switch and vice versa, allowing for the best of both worlds. CD Projekt Red warns players to not change their PC save file names as the Cloud Save feature on Switch won’t be able to recognize it then. The official update notes also warn that “mod-related bugs and blockers might get transferred from a modded PC game save file.” So, be aware of what mods you have enabled on your save before you transfer it over.

According to Polygon, The Witcher 3 Switch update was first spotted in the Korean version of the game by users on Reddit. The update has since rolled out to all regions.

Perhaps even more exciting for some Switch players is the graphics options included in the update. It’s no secret that the Switch version of The Witcher 3 is less visually stunning than the versions available on other platforms. The new options included in the update will tighten the gap between the versions.

Patch 3.6 also includes touch control support, added text languages, and various fixes and optimizations.

Source; Polygon