Pokemon Home Price Plans Finally Released

Not Gonna Be Cheap, Either

Pokemon Home has been shrouded in mystery since it was first announced. Now, we’re finally getting some concrete details about the upcoming service. For example, it’s gonna cost $16 USD a year. Which if you recall, is much more expensive than the old Pokemon Bank system, which came in at a measly $5 per year.

Pokemon Home

On the other hand, you’ll be able to store tons and tons of Pokemon.  Six thousand of them, in fact! I’m not sure I’ve caught six thousand Pokemon in my entire life, even counting all the breeding and nursery stuff. But does that massive amount of storage space do enough to justify the yearly fees?

This is to say nothing of the Nintendo Switch Online fees that players are already paying. Put the two together, and suddenly playing Pokemon is a slightly expensive affair. Beyond the storage service, the Bank will also have the GTS, Wonder Trades, and Room Trades. Their will be a mobile version of the system as well as a Switch version, so you can do all that trading stuff on the go, if you’re so inclined. The Pokemon Bank is launching sometime next month. You can check out some more details in the press release here.