Modern Warfare Battle Royale Leaks, Shows Loading Screen

We All Knew It Was Coming

When franchises like Call of Duty have annual releases, the transitions between games have pretty long periods of overlap for the newest and previous title. Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is being held as the most played game of the franchise, Black Ops 4 is still being played by many fans. A likely reason is that Black Ops 4 has its battle royale mode Blackout, which Modern Warfare currently lacks. However, new leaks suggest that may not be the case for long. A supposed loading screen for the Modern Warfare battle royale mode has surfaced.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale

On the YouTube channel The Gaming Revolution, a video shows this supposed loading screen. The image shows the map, like any other Call of Duty loading screen. On one side is a shipyard of sorts with cranes and what appears to be a canal. On the opposite side of the image appears to be a residential area with trees and apartment buildings. One of the bigger buildings looks like it’s on fire or had been attacked recently. Someone who has played the game more than I might be able to tell you where in the world this map would take place.

This image has not been officially revealed, but it looks pretty real and similar to other Call of Duty loading screens. The video showing this image also indicates that their source says that the battle royale mode has taken longer to complete than expected and needs more time. If this is to be believed, it may be another reason that Season 1 has been extended; to allow more time to polish the battle royale mode in Season 2. This is all speculation though. Modern Warfare is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

When do you think we will get a battle royale mode in Modern Warfare? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Dexerto