Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Getting a 3v3 Gunfight Mode

A New Version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Gunfight Mode Is In Development

New Call of Duty Modern Warfare content is on the way such as a 3v3 version of Gunfight mode and more loadout slots, according to Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Here’s a list of what’s to come to Modern Warfare this year, per Infinity Ward’s official Friday post:

  • Gunfight 3v3: Aside from the Gunfight 1v1 playlist we rolled out this week, we’re working on another version of Gunfight, 3v3!
  • Additional loadouts: 5 loadouts aren’t enough, so we’ll be adding more loadout slots over the coming weeks!
  • Gunfight Tournament: It was incredible to see so many people jumping into the Gunfight Tournament Beta back in November and we plan on bringing tournaments back once we’ve squashed a few bugs and added in new rewards.
  • MORE 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Tier events!

It’s possible that the new Gunfight 3v3 mode is part of the game’s next major update but that hasn’t been officially confirmed. A small patch that fixed minor multiplayer issues went live on Saturday.

There’s also several more bug fixes in the works and development progress on some of those fixes can be seen on the game’s official Trello board. Infinity Ward also revealed the content schedule for the studio’s official blog. Playlist updates will be posted on Tuesdays, a developer diary will be posted on Thursdays, and a community update will be posted on Fridays.

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