Prosperous Universe: A Game of Space Economics

Space Age Money Baby!

Economics might not be the most thrilling topic out there. But when you add outer space into the mix, things start to get interesting. That is what Prosperous Universe is all about. This new MMO gives the player control of a new company that has set up shop somewhere in the galaxy. It is then players’ job to try and manage this company to the best of their ability. It is definitely not going to appeal to everyone. But this game was meant for those who like games with immense attention to detail and realism.

Prosperous Universe

Much like the real world, business is complicated. Especially in space. Buying, selling, and trading commodities with other players is what makes this game so interesting and compelling to its audience. This is a small niche game, but it does not disappoint those it is trying to market itself to. There are plenty of smaller games that are niche that try to appeal to a much wider audience and in the process end up being a watered-down version of what was intended. Leaving everyone unsatisfied. This is not the case with Prosperous Universe.

Prosperous Universe is currently in alpha so there are plenty of bugs in the game, but that does not make it a chore to play. Just don’t expect everything to be polished as it could be. The game is free to play but there are certain restrictions to those who do not choose to buy it. If you do want to purchase Prosperous Universe then it is only going to cost you $11.50 (USD). So it isn’t going to break your bank account or anything like that.

There are not a lot of explosions or action this game but if you want to try something new, you should check it out.