PlayStation Has Just Become the Best Selling Console Brand of All Time

It Has Been a Great 25 Years For PlayStation 

Ever since the original PlayStation launched in 1994, the Japanese console has been unstoppable. Aside from a few hiccups here and there, the PlayStation brand has been the number one option for gamers for a quarter of a century.

Sony feature 1280

The Guinness Book of World Records has just announced that the original PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PS4 combined have sold more than 450 million units. Something that no other video game brand has been able to do. It should also be mentioned that the PS4 just became the second best selling console right behind the PS2.

This success has no sign of stopping either as the hype surround the upcoming PS5 is starting to increase. There has been no shortage of rumors claiming that Sony’s new console is going to be the most powerful to date. Rumors and leaks have claimed that is going to be much more powerful than its competition, Microsoft’s Project Scarlett.

Sony has been able to build a very loyal fanbase over its long time in the industry. There are undoubtedly a group of people who seem to be deadset on buying whatever Sony pushes out the door. Something that Microsoft has failed to do. The hight of Microsoft was clearly the Xbox 360. However, they were able to carry that momentum in the current generation and have fallen behind. The Xbox is no Mickey Mouse console but it has failed to create the success that Sony has had.

Whatever happens when the next generation of consoles launch, there is no doubt that the PS5 will do very well initially thanks to the brand that PlayStation and Sony have built up over the years. The PS5 could hypothetically be the worst console of all time, but brand recognition is a very powerful thing.