Find Out What Glitch On Shipment is Allowing Call of Duty Players to Cheat

Never Change Shipment 

The classic Call of Duty 4 map Shipment was just recently added into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in the most recent content update. This legendary map is one of the smallest maps to ever be put into a game. It is about the size of a walk-in closet that has a couple of shipment containers thrown around the place. The map is well known among the COD community for being chaotic, cramped, and outrageous. However, it has now gotten a new reputation for being broken. Players have recently discovered that there is a game-breaking glitch on Shipment that is allowing some to cheat the game and rack up kills.

Modern Warfare Child Soldier

It is not totally clear how this is achieved. But a healthy amount of Call of Duty players has figured out how to get out of bounds on Shipment. While this might seem like something that is inconsequential. Most of the time, the player who ends up going out of bounds cannot be killed for whatever reason. Thus giving them free rein to kill other players without risking dying themselves. Depending on where the player goes out of bounds, sometimes they become invisible to others. Just adding further to the frustration. Others end up entirely beneath the map.

Infinity Ward is obviously aware of the problem and are working on fixing this issue. There is no solid timetable for when this is going to be resolved but don’t expect to see this go on for much longer. This is something that Infinity Ward is going to patch up as quick as they can.

Keep in mind that while these problems do exist, it is rare to actually see this happening in games. Shipment is still a good time regardless of the glitches.