Valve: Half-Life Alyx Won’t Launch With Multiplayer

Half-Life Alyx Is Currently Planned to Be a Singleplayer-Only Experience

The Half-Life games are mostly known for being singleplayer experiences but several mainline entries, such as Half-Life 2, did come with less-heralded multiplayer modes. However, the upcoming VR game Half-Life Alyx isn’t planned to launch in March 2020 with multiplayer, according to Valve.

Valve designer Robin Walker confirmed to The Verge in a recent interview that Valve isn’t “planning on supporting any multiplayer modes at this point.”

The Verge also asked Walker if Half-Life Alyx was going to be a strictly linear game or have segments where players can explore open-ended environments.

“This is a traditional Half-Life experience, so it’s fundamentally a one-way journey,” Walker answered. “Half-Life has always been about experiencing a hand-crafted, meticulously designed path, where every space is the result of a team of people thinking about what’s in it and why it’s interesting. Some of those spaces afford multiple ways to navigate through them, but you’re always moving forward overall.”

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