Yakuza 7 Has Several Familiar Faces

Yakuza 7 Will Multiple Characters From Previous Yakuza Games

Though Yakuza 7 is going to be a new story with new characters, several fan-favorite Yakuza characters such as Majima and Kiryu will be making appearances, says series director Toshihiro Nagoshi.

The next Yakuza game is scheduled to come out in the West sometime in 2020 for PS4.

Yakuza 7

While speaking on a Sega Nama livestream that premiered on Tuesday, Nagoshi said that while characters such as Majima will appear in Yakuza 7, the screen time of each appearance “is a bit different.”

Nagoshi was then asked if this means that some of these special appearances will just have characters showing up briefly. His answer revealed that Kiryu will have a cameo in the latest Yakuza game.

“The timeline goes on, so no matter what we have to tell stories such as, ‘What happened after the Tojo Clan?’ or ‘What happened to Kamurocho?'” Nagoshi said. “Those parts become connected stories, and even though Kiryu will obviously have a smaller role since there is a new protagonist, we thought it was important to show how he’s doing for fans. Pretending the story up until now didn’t happen just because there is a new protagonist wouldn’t be right, so that’s not the case.”