Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Has Over 200 Costumes, a Classic Fighter, and More

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition Has Every Piece of the Street Fighter 5 Content

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition is a new edition of Capcom’s latest Street Fighter and it includes everything. This complete edition of the game includes over 200 costumes, 40 fighters, and 34 stages. It’s scheduled to digitally launch on both Steam and PS4 on February 14th, 2020 at $29.99 USD, according to a press release.

If you already own Street Fighter 5¬†and want to upgrade to the Champion Edition then you pay for an “Upgrade Kit” that costs $24.99 USD. Also, if this new edition of the game is pre-ordered then each included fighter “will receive a fierce-looking new color scheme”.

Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition

One of the most notable Champion Edition additions is Gill, the powerful¬†Illuminati leader and final boss of Street Fighter 3 who can control fire and ice with his “pyrokinesis and cryokinesis” abilities. Street Fighter 5 players can wait until the Champion Edition launches next year to play as Gill or buy him for $5.99 USD (which is 100,000 in-game Fight Money) in December.

You can check out Gill’s gameplay in the reveal trailer posted below.

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