Pick up a Ton of WB Games for a Low Price on Steam

Act Now!

We’re a little late to the party on this one, but if you’re fast, you can still take advantage. Though Steam sales don’t last forever, or even a long time, the dips in prices can be sharp. That’s exactly the case with their sale on WB Games… games. It started a few days ago on November 7th and will end tomorrow. If you stop reading now, buy some games, and come back later, you are forgiven, cause you can save up to 75% on some games.

WB Games

The thing about Warner Bros. Games is that they publish at both ends of the family friendly-mature spectrum. You have all the Lego games made for young kids, but you can also get the violent games for after they’ve gone to bed, like Mortal Kombat. Here are some big hits and big savings. Nearly all the Lego games are 75% off. That means Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman, Lego Movie, Lego Avengers, and Lego Harry Potter, which have at least a dozen games between the series’. All the Batman Arkham games (with the exception of Batman Akrham VR) are also 75% off. You can get them all, with all their additional content, for under $30.

Both the standard and Gold Edition of Hitman 2 is 60% off, and you can pick them up for $29.95 or $51.99, respectively. Mortal Kombat 11 is 40% off ($47.99) and Mortal Kombat X is 70% off ($11.99). There are a bunch of other games from the publisher that you may want to pick up too. Once again, the sale ends tomorrow, so don’t sit on these prices.

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Source: Steam