Borderlands 3 Update Adds Mayhem 4 and Expands Bank

That’s Mayhem in the Bank

This week has been busy for Borderlands 3. Going down the list, the first story DLC was announced, the first Takedown went live yesterday, plus another update that just makes things a little easier for players. And a little harder, but in the enjoyable way. The newest Borderlands 3 update addresses a few things that fans have been requesting. For one, anyone who has played the game knows the pain of opening up the inventory. It was sluggish, slow, and other undesirable words that start with S. Now apparently, the menus are a bit faster. There will also be more space in the player bank on Sanctuary III.

Borderlands 3 Update

The inventory and bank is upgraded, but still familiar. A bigger change is in the next level of Mayhem. Players who finished the story of Borderlands 3 get access to Mayhem Mode, which has three levels. Well, actually it has four levels now. While Mayhem Mode would increase things like drop rates, enemy health and armour, Mayhem 4 also introduces a whole new set of weapons to be looted that couldn’t be looted in the previous levels. And if you don’t want to keep those new weapons in your backpack or your bank, you can sell them at vending machines. Now there are a few more of them out there.

In Athenas, Atlas HQ, Lectra City, Jakobs Estate, Voracious Canopy, Taxendeer Ruins, and The Pyre of Stars, places that normally only had one set of vending machines now have more. So, if you play like your ol’ pal Zane and pick everything up as you go only to sell it, you’ll be making use of them. These are the biggest additions in the newest patch, but you can read about all the small stuff on the Borderlands site.

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