AVICII Invector Drops a Beat in December

AVICII Invector Hits Consoles and PC This Year

The vibrant, colorful rhythm game AVICII Invector hits PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on December 10th, according to a Thursday announcement. Notably, the PS4 version is a re-launch and it’ll come with “significant enhancements and new content”. If you already own the previously released PS4 game Invector then you’ll get a free update that’ll upgrade it to AVICII Invector.

Also, there’s a Switch version that’s scheduled to release in the upcoming Spring.

Avicii Invector

Developed by and named after late Swedish DJ & producer Tim “AVICII” Bergling, AVICII Invector has 25 AVICII songs, six worlds, a splitscreen co-op mode, and (surprisingly) its campaign mode has cutscenes and voice acting. According to a press release, the campaign’s protagonist is a space pilot named Stella who travels through the six worlds, which each have three difficulties.

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Source: Press release