Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite DLC Will Be out Next Month

This Is a Raid!

Right on the heels of Borderlands 3’s first free content update, the first of many Takedowns will be up and running. Correction; at the time the Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite DLC will launch, Bloody Harvest will still have a couple of weeks left in it. And like Bloody Harvest, this DLC will be free for any owner of Borderlands 3 to play, but don’t expect just anyone to survive the most elite Maliwan troops.¬†Unlike the Bloody Harvest event, the Takedowns will not be seasonal. Once they are out, they are out for the rest of however long Borderlands 3 will be supported.

Takedown at Maliwan's Blacksite DLC

When detailed on the Borderlands Show this past Tuesday, Randy Varnell said, “It should be, if we did our work right, hard.” What he means by that is that the enemies are scaled to a four-player team at level 50 with Legendary gear. Pretty much everything in the game so far can be done solo, but that is a death sentence for these Takedowns. Don’t be discouraged from trying it though. The gear Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite will yield what Varnell calls “the best shields in the game so far,” as well as other kinds of loot.

You can catch the details of the Takedown starting at 1:22.00-ish of the video above. So, get your team of four together and talk strategy. Or just jump into matchmaking. The Borderlands Show made a point to specify that Takedowns will be an option through matchmaking. Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite will be available to play on November 21st on all platforms.

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Source: Borderlands