Square Enix Hiring For Next Kingdom Hearts Game

The Saga Continues

The most recent Kingdom Hearts game was a long time in the making. Fans waited years and years for the third installment in Square Enix’s colossal franchise. Now, less than a year after said release, the wheels are in motion for the next Kingdom Hearts game.

next kingdom hearts

Job listings have appeared for the Osaka Square Enix branch for three different positions. The company is looking for a  UI Designer, a Technical Artist, and an Effect Designer. The postings are said to be for the “HD Development of the Kingdom Hearts series.” Which upon reflection, might not mean a sequel?

If these job postings are in reference to a new numbered entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, we can expect to see it anywhere from 3 to 13 years. If we’re talking a remake though, that could be a much tighter turnaround. You may think to yourself that those games are already pretty enough, that they don’t need improving. To that I say, Sora looks like a haunted doll for most of his cut scenes in the first Kingdom Hearts. Not all of them, mind you; just most of them. Kingdom Hearts III is out right now for PS4 and the Xbox One, while DLC for the game is coming out later this Winter.