FIFA 20 Getting ‘No Room For Racism’ Player Kits

Just Please Be Cool, Guys

Soccer matches can get pretty heated. This is a normal thing! But the racism is a little much. There’s been such a problem with abusive, racist behavior at major soccer games that the Premier League is spearheading a ‘No Room for Racism’ campaign. EA and FIFA 20 are also getting on board, introducing #NoRoomForRacism player kits to the game.

FIFA 20 player kits

This move comes after a heated match between England and Bulgaria. The abusive behavior  on the Bulgarian side of things was so nasty that officials considered abandoning the match. Hand gestures, jeers, the whole nine yards. Two Bulgarian officials resigned in the aftermath.

After this event, new rules and policies were adopted by the UEFA to encourage match closure, should this kind of racist behavior pop up again. EA emphasized that the player kits in question will be free of charge. They just want to spread awareness, you know? There’s no release date for the kits, but you can check out more about the No Room For Racism initiative here. FIFA 20 is also out, right this second! You can read out review of the game here. FIFA 20 is available on PC, PS4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.